The Librarian is responsible to the Rector for the day to day administration of the Library. For organizational effectiveness the library is divided into Departments:

  • Technical Services 
  • Cataloguing and ICT Sections.
  • Readers Services: Circulation, Law and Reference Sections.
  • Collection Development: Orders and Serials Sections
  • Research: Africana, Document and Archive Sections

The Sections will perform the following duties: (Note all information below are in view)

  • Orders Section: Headed by the Orders Librarian, this section collates recommendations, select materials for purchase, orders and receive books and journals on delivery, monitors departmental book loans and accession of new materials.
  • Serials Section: Headed by the Serials Librarian, is responsible for cheking in Journals, makes claims, displays journals, prepares journals for binding, supervises journal page service, stacks backfiles and generates statistics.    
  • Document Section: Headed by the documents Librarian, this section is responsible for the acquisition of Nigerian official publications, mainly through acquisition tours. The section also sorts out materials, catalogues and classify them using a home made scheme, making publications available to users. The document section is a special collection on closed access.    
  • Cataloguing Section: This section is headed by the Chief Cataloguer who is in charge of cataloguing, classification, maintenance of public catalogues and authority files.    
  • Bindery Section: Undertakes the binding of backfiles and journals in-house, mends worn books and reinforces official publications which come as loosely bound volumes.
  • Africana Section: Holds :1. Titles written by Africans 2. Titles written on Africa by Africans and Non-Africans Authors.   
  • ICT Section: Incharge of ICT related services of the library like E-library, Hardware and software maintainance, internet connectivity, digitization and audiovisual units.       
  • Reprography Section:Provides photocopying services.